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Richard Knight Master Class Collection

Richard Knight Master Class Collection



SPECIAL SET designed for master classes of acclaimed UK Tarot Reader & Psychic Richard Knight!  All at a special reduced price! 


Read more about Richard Knight's 6 week in-depth classes HERE.


This SPECIAL EDITION of the Deck of the Bastard features Richard Knight's KEYWORDS on the Major Arcana portion of the deck.   


To see a customer review of this deck by Mystic Jenn click HERE! (Note:  The deck has been updated since this review.  The present edition has keywords ONLY on the Major Arcana.


PLEASE NOTE:  The regular Deck of the Bastard is available with or without keywords - and the keywords may not match the exact keywords used in Richard Knight's class, however, they're most likely very close, as they're keywords for the RWS system.  Keywords are designed to jog your memory regarding the meanings of the cards, not to be used as the one, singular meaning for that card.  It's still important to read up on & study the rich, in-depth meanings of each of the cards to allow for more interesting & accurate readings.


And in response to a lot of questions, YES you can get these without the "name" Richard Knight on the card back, mat and/or pouch if you like.  



Pendulum Cloths measure  22" x 22" and are made of 100% spun polyester - which has a lovely silky weighty feel to it, very limp - it lays quite well.  $33 - reduced from $38


Large Pendulum Mats measure 17" x 27" and are made of durable commercial grade polyester surface fabric and printed with state  of the art dye-print technology. The backing is strong non-slip rubber.  $52 - reduced from $59


Small Pendulum Mats measure 7.75" x 9.25", and are also polyester surface fabric, same printing with state of the art dye-print technology and rubber backing.  $25 - reduced from $29


ROUND Mats measure 8" diameter, same polyester surface fabric & state o the art dye-print technology & rubber backing.  $26


Pendulum Journals measure 5.83" x 8.27" (A5 size).  These are spiral bound journals with high quailty, heavy cardstock glossy printed front and back covers and matt printed interior covers, with 200 lined pages (100 sheets - pages are 100gsm).  $33 - reduced from $38.


Small Pendulum Pouches measure 3.5" x 5" - the perfect size for storing your pendulum along with a few notes, business cards or crystals.  These pouches are made of polyester and are padded with black interior.  $25 - reduced from $28


Tarot Pouches measure 4 x 7" - Fits tarot decks that I sell perfectly.    These pouches are made of polyester and are padded with black interior.  $35 - reduced from $39


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