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Five dice used in bone casting



As early as ancient Rome, people cast dice for revealing fortunes.  This practice of

casting dice is called Cleromancy.  Dice (usually made from bone if you can find

some old ones) are particularly useful in Bone Casting.  I like to have 3 in my set.   

You can also do variations on this theme with dominos, but it's a little trickier. 


If you want a little more superstition to throw into the mix, Fridays and Sundays have

been considered "unlucky" days to roll the dice, others say Mondays and

Wednesdays are days you should not roll them.  It's said, that they shouldn't be

thrown more than three times for the same person in one day, and that it's best

to throw them when the weather is cool.  Some people also do not count the dice

if they total 3 or less.  I don't personally follow any of these rules.


ONE dice falling outside the circle:  Trouble

TWO dice falling outside the circle: Disagreements

THREE dice falling outside the circle:  Good luck or a wish come true

Any dice falling on the floor:  Problems, worry or annoyance very soon. Could lose a friend.

Dice landing on top of other – you will soon receive a present of significance.  Roll these again.

Dice Touching – add up total & count total


For the numbers showing on the dice totaling:


ONE: Family difficulties are coming your way.

TWO: CHOICES.  A decision must be made.

THREE: Your circumstances will change without warning very soon.  This can also indicate an affair.

FOUR: Stability – things probably aren’t going to change much in the near future.  Staying home, maybe bored.

FIVE: You'll be pleasantly surprised by a stranger or a new friend, or receive unexpected assistance or information.  

SIX:  Misfortune & loss.  A friend may ask a favor of you.  This can also be a chapter that is coming to a close & it’s time to move on.  This can be financial, or a relationship.

SEVEN: Someone is being sneaky, and you become the victim of gossip or scandal. Possible difficulties in business or money trouble. You will be presented with a difficult matter to solve.  

EIGHT:  Take it slow.  Do not act in haste or you may regret it. Recklessness may lead to difficulty or distress.  

NINE: Reconcilliations.  A marriage or union with implications for you.  A gambling win.  Forgiveness. Someone who has been estranged returns.

TEN:  Birth & new beginnings, luck in career & money matters.  A legal action will involve you.

ELEVEN:  Short-term illness gives you some grief.  A parting causes you sorrow.  A death may concern you.

TWELVE:  An important message, possibly about money coming your way, but will be presented with a difficult matter to solve. 

THIRTEEN:  You must get out of your own head or you will experience unhappiness & disappointment & misery.  

FOURTEEN:   New friends or social circle will liven up your life.   A new love or admirer.

FIFTEEN:  Betrayal by a false friend. Do not be drawn into drama.  Do not begin any new projects right now. Proceed with CAUTION.

SIXTEEN: Pleasurable safe travels

SEVENTEEN: You may need to change your plans. Other people may have good advice to give – even strangers.  Dealings with a person or persons from afar. Dealings with or on water.

EIGHTEEN:  Triumph, success, wish granted. Expect happiness, financial success & a rise in status.












Set of 3 dice and shaker container for bone casting
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