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Adding Ritual to your Bone Casting Sessions

collection of bone casting items


This is such a personal thing, but if you want some ideas, here are a few.  I'm addressing "ritual" here as in practices that you repeat each time you do a casting and not spiritual rituals.  For that, please just consider your own personal heritage and culture in order to incorporate your personal beliefs into your practice.


For practical reasons, it's best to throw bones on the floor.  The reason is, if you throw on a table, items are going to fall off the table & get lost.  


You can have the person sitting across from you, but the actual reading will be face up to you.  You can place candles at each of the 4 corners, and on the edges if you want you can place "offerings" of greenery or sage or salt or flour.  To get yourself in the "now" mindset, you might want to say a few words of your choosing, whatever you're comfortable with.  


You can throw all of your items (bones, charms, trinkets, etc) or, you can grab a handful and use only the ones you grabbed from your bag.  Some people also like to pick out specific items to use in different castings.


Once thrown, take out the ones that are unnecessary.  Those would be the items that have fallen out of bounds, or landed off by themselves, not in any grouping.  I like to pick out quite a few not to use just so I'm not distracted by them.  


As you're reading, you can pick up items, or some people like to have a wand or thin bone to pick at & move things around like a pointer.  I use a small wooden knitting needle with a decorative top.  


As you're going, try not to rush through.  You can share what you're reading on your first & second throw if you want to, but it should look a little more concrete as you get to the third cast.  Much of this is very subjective and open to your own interpretation & intuition.  That's where the skill comes in.  Feel free to ask questions of the person you're reading for in order to better understand what it is you're seeing in the bones.


Afterwards, it's up to you how to handle the closing.  I do not make a big deal out of it.  Some people like to have the questioner take the items like the candle wax, salt, greenery etc & dispose of it in various ways, depending on the desired outcome (i.e., bury in the backyard if you want what was predicted to come true, etc).  I would rather not give my clients assignments like that and it would just be really awkward for them and me both.  You could argue that it keeps it fresh in their mind and that by doing a task it makes it easier for them to manifest.  Definitely a possibility.  





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