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Dark Wood

2023 Color Edition
Old Fortuna Lenormand  Expanded


Not only are the images in color, they are also updated - many new & better images have replaced old ones.  But wait! There's more!

If you like, you can get this deck with KEYWORDS and TIMING correspondences!  That's the 2nd option.  AND....there's a third!  

No, I didn't accidentally put the pictures on the website upside-down.  This third option is made so that when you are reading ACROSS from your sitter, the image is upright to your sitter, and the keywords/timing are upright to you.  

I had a student practice reading cards to me and she kept picking up the card and turning it around so she could look at it and it struck me that this would make it a LOT easier for her to get through a reading as she was learning - to be able to see the words without flipping the card around.  And, if that's not your thing, you can get "Option 2" (above) which has the keywords facing the same direction as the image.

AND....each deck comes with 4 BONUS cards that you can integrate into your readings or set aside.


I know what you're thinking.  HOW could it possibly get any better?  Well, wait for it.....the feast de la resistance...

Voila!  Here you go!  A Lenormand in ALL SIZES
Old Fortuna Lenormand Available in Large, Tarot size, Poker, Bridge & Mini!

That's right!  You can get the deck in all these different sizes!  Even LARGE!  


Question:  What card back comes with the deck?

Answer:  The deck comes with the peacock feather back that you see in the slide shows.

Question:  Can I get a custom card back for this deck?

Answer:  Yes!  You can get a custom card back with ANY deck I sell.

Question:  What is the card stock?

Answer:  It's the same linen card stock I use on all my decks, but you CAN get the Waterproof card stock.  Just choose that option.

Question:  Can I get the deck borderless?

Answer:  You know what, if enough people request that then yes I'll edit out the borders but for now it does have the borders.

Question:  Where are the playing card correspondences?

Answer:  I made this deck without the playing card correspondences.  If it's really important to you to have them, message me & I'll see what I can do for you but honestly I didn't want to make yet ANOTHER option for people to have to choose from.

Question:  Are there matching accessories for this deck?

Answer:  I was thinking that the Old Fortuna collection from the older deck would still look good for this but I can design you just about anything you like!

Question:  Will the first edition of the Old Fortuna Lenormand be discontinued?

Answer:  I'll leave it up for now - many of the images are the same but it's not in color.  This color deck is a better deck, so I'm thinking I'll phase out the first edition.

Question:  I thought you were working on the new Red Deck?  Is that coming out any time soon?

Answer:  I know I know....I'm working on it!  This got my attention & I had to see it through.  Red Deck next!

Question:  Where do I go to order?

Answer:  Click this button right here: