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Waterproof Card Stock
Waterproof, yet Excellent.

Can of Cola spilling on deck of cards

It has happened to all of us.  A cup of coffee, a soda, a little rain....


We spend all this money on our favorite decks and in seconds, they're ruined.  They are just made of paper, after all.


The paper warps and splits, and no matter what we try, it's never the same.  They're destroyed.

Waterproof Card Stock is 100% plastic PVC cards with a thickness of 0.325mm (Premium card stock is a thickness of 310gsm and is plastic coated, if you want a comparison).


When I first heard of this option I thought, no way.  I can't use plastic cards.  It won't feel right.


Well, I was really wrong there....these cards look and feel like the standard smooth paper card stock, and 

**  they shuffle FANTASTIC. **  


* They do NOT have a glossy plastic looking finish.   The finish is smooth eggshell.


* They do NOT stick together oddly. (when I dunked  my whole deck in a glass of water they did stick  a little but not when they're dry).  You can run tap water over them - they stay exactly the same.

* If you've ever had a deck that got "the bends" (where the deck for no apparent reason seems to have a warp in the middle) - waterproof card stock doesn't do that.


Water Damaged Card

While I do feel that waterproof card stock is an evolution in card material, but PLEASE READ the ways in which they're not indestructible & maybe not "perfect" for everyone.  The only negatives that I have found with these cards:


* The edges are WHITE.  I normally do edge treatments to my decks (with stain) & stain won't stick to plastic.  


* Extreme heat can warp a deck. Like, getting left in the window of your car.

* Getting tossed around in your purse will damage them - they can scratch, like plastic eyeglass lenses get scuffy.

* They can get BENT or CREASED.


* They're expensive


* Really important:  You can't SOAK these cards.  Don't read in the bathtub and soak them or leave them in a glass of water.  The water is not loosely applied, however, it is slightly water soluble if you let it soak & rub it dry.

This photo shows a deck that was left in water for 3 minutes and rubbed dry.  Notice that the paint has been rubbed off the edges.

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