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Number Definitions for the Kaylean Theorem method of Arithmancy, based on Chaldean, Pythagorean and other definitions of numerology for numbers 0 - 44.

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Number 0

The number 0 represents nothingness, void, and infinity in numerology. Although zero in the realm of mathematics has neither a positive nor a negative numerical value, there are positive and negative aspects to zero within the Kaylean theorem. It represents the number of the greatest transformations.  The moment of truth, realization, and limitlessness.  It is a number that knows harmony, potential, and choices.  It is observant. 


But reversed, it can spell death, non-existence, and chaos.  It can represent lies, narrow-mindedness and aimless drifting.  

Letter associations: A, Z

Number 1

The number 1 is a number of forward motion and progression. Beginnings, self-determination, self-sufficient, upbeat approach, seems to have a guardian angel.  Nothing else can happen without number 1, which finds fulfillment in continuing to advance.

The most independent of all the numbers, requiring only its own energy to survive. It doesn't wait around for opportunities to present themselves; instead, it creates its own luck by taking advantage of situations that other people might be reluctant to explore. The single-digit number 1 is impatient and doesn't want to spend time haggling or making plans. Being independent enables more flexibility and swift, effective movement.  It is a pioneer, proactive. 

The innovative spirit of this number can come up with fresh concepts and inventive ways to get around problems. One views difficulties as a challenge rather than being daunted by them. The key to the success of the 1 sees opportunity where others see roadblocks.  It is considered to be Feminine Winner Mentality in Chaldean definitions, desiring freedom and abundance in order to succeed.  One dislikes authority, and is more physical than spiritual.

Negative aspects of 1:  This number has a relentless attitude that might make it appear bossy as it pushes forward while also giving it an air of ambition.  Too preoccupied with its own goals to even be aware of when it has offended someone. In the name of motion and advancement, softer energies of cooperation and patience are pushed aside.  Although the number 1 may like to think of itself as courageous, it is all too easy for it to get caught up in danger that could have been avoided had there been a little more foresight. Due to a sense of invincibility, the 1 may not notice warning signs in its peripheral vision since it is so fixated on the road in front of it.  Negative 1 can be seen as moving backward, lazy, or also selfish, lonely and self-serving.

Letter association:  B

Number 2

The number 2 represents a feminine element, one that embodies both grace and power. It is cooperative, always attempting to restore harmony and equilibrium to a relationship or circumstance, through teamwork and diplomacy, balancing people, concepts, projects - an unbiased mediator. This number is exceptionally sensitive, and kind, and has the strongest intuition of all the numbers. It has an innate capacity for experiencing currents and emotions, and it may use these cues to empathically connect with others.  Intuitive, instinctual, supportive, empathetic, well-rounded, balanced.  Influential, able to see behind the scenes.  

Negative aspects of 2:  Can be seen as week, and though 2 can see behind the scenes, it often misses the big picture.  Can be melancholic and sad, overly sensitive, passive, easily hurt.  Two will often choose to stay in the same experience rather than try out a new path.

Letter associations: C, K

Number 3

Chaldean numerology refers to 3 as Male Winner Mentality, meaning that as opposed to number 1, number 3 wants to be a one-man army and do everything itself.  3 is sociable, inspired, upbeat.  The 3 is very original and values original thought and artistic expression. This number's artistic, inquisitive attitude enables it to communicate abstract concepts and uncover answers that others might overlook. The number 3 is a child at heart and never misses an opportunity to have fun, interact with others, and convey all the love and joy it represents.  Great communicator, bursting with ideas, visions and dreams.  Charismatic, magnetic personality.  Lives life to its fullest.  A number of advancements.

Negative aspects of 3:  Naivety can lead to problems.  Unfocussed, shallow, scattered, withdrawn, moody, pessimistic, prone to exaggeration or loose-talk.

Letter associations:  D, L, S

Number 4

Four offers more down-to-earth advancement, like a tree, well rooted.  Responsible, practical, industrious, conservative values.  Dependable, loyal, stable.  Wise, rational energy. Building a life of service and contentment.  A stable foundation, secure and long- lasting commitments.  Hard working.  Follows head rather than heart.

Negative aspects of 4:  Can dislike those not within it's comfort zone.  Associated with ADHD, Aspergers, OCD, autism.  Can be dogmatic, dull, and/or rigid.  Black Sheep.  Argumentative, contrary, poor imagination.  Sometimes associated with bad luck.

Letter Associations: E, M, T

Number 5

Smart, interesting, versatile and very adaptable, natural speaker, adventurous, progressive, sexual.  Flourishes in social situations - a social butterfly, good at making friends, networking and business contacts.  Politically savvy, a politician.


Negative aspects of 5:  Restless, non-committal, directionless, unreliable, self-serving, shallow, impatient, nervous energy, changeable, careless.  Can lack follow-through, and not enough prep-time.  Superficial, meaningless relationships.   Easily distracted.  Can lead to an unfulfilled life.

Letter associations:  F, N, U

Number 6

Nurturing, empathetic, sincerely supportive, a healer, family maker, artistic.  Unconditional love.  

A warm light, beacon of hope.  Honest. Romantic.  Selfless.

Negative aspects of 6:  Co-dependence, manipulative, skeptical, stubborn, controlling, domineering, slow movers.  Self-sacrificing, can be overly idealistic with unrealistic goals.


Letter associations:  G, O, V

Number 7

A keen eye.  Inner wisdom.  Analytical, scientific, observant.  Both deep and wise.  More intellectual than emotional.   Ability to find hidden truths.  Intellectual connection to the spiritual world gives its experiences more mystery and meaning.  Solitary, introspective.

Negative aspects of 7:  Finds flaws, skeptical, selfish, egotistical, aggressive, lazy, reclusive, secretive, suspicious.  

Letter associations:  H, P, W

Number 8

Eternity, infinity, abundance, goal-oriented, wealth, good judgment, balanced.  Hardened by dealing with major responsibility.  Building things slowly.  A legacy.   Practical.  An achiever, measuring life by achieved goals.  Stable, balanced.  A lucky number.  Ambirious.  Karmic.  Enduring.  Constantly manifesting.

Negative aspects of 8:  Workaholic, possessive, greedy, materialistic, entitled.

Letter associations:  I, Q, X

Number 9

Philanthropic, humanitarian, Justice, integrity, honor.   Tolerant and supportive.  Represents completion but not finality.  The number 9 has come to understand the importance and scope of its inner wisdom. It can now help others discover their own higher selves. The 9 sets an example for others by demonstrating how to deal with adversity with dignity and compassion.

Negative aspects of 9:  Moody, resentful, co-dependent, impulsive, overthinking, procrastination, loss, grief.  

Letter associations:  J, R, Y

Number 10

Combines the aspects of 1 and 0.  Called the "Wheel of Fortune."  Ebb and flow.  Honor, faith, and confidence are represented by this number.  A lucky number since it increases the likelihood that one's intentions will succeed.  Independent.  Comfortable with being alone.  Urge to explore.  Infinite potential. Ambitious, creative.

Feminine winner mentality as with the number 1 with a high level of creativity and hating to lose.  10 is frequently adored and despised because 10 can appear hedonistic and inspire jealousy in others.  Requires strong relationships with (very slightly) submissive partner.  Sincere, and expecting sincerity in return.

Negative aspects of 10:  Misfortunes through pride, arrogance, selfishness.  Arrogant.  Relationships formed in interference will likely fail.   Lack of tolerance.  A certain 'numbness'.  

Number 11

11 is one of the Master Numbers.  You don't usually need to reduce it to its Core number, because it is such a heavy number as it is, although it is still rooted to it's core number of 2   ( 1 + 1 = 2 ).  It draws strengths from its double digit.  It is the number of the Aged Soul - full of intuition and wisdom gained over time, as well as intuitive and psychic.  It is a number of mental clarity, and also of teamwork.  However.  It is a very ominous number as well.  The wisdom gained from 11 can be at a high cost - wisdom from extremes, from betrayals and treachery.  It is also a number of coinciding events - a duality, conflict, multiple perspectives or goals. There is strength in this card but not without great obstacles to overcome, and struggle.

Negative Aspects of this number might seem more relevant than the upright, and also impact even the upright definitions.  The trials involved with this number are so heavy that they can cause self-doubt, low self-esteem, stress, over-stimulation.  It can weigh heavy.  As such, it can generally be thought of as a number of warning, and ominous.

Number 12

As influenced by 1 and 2, with the Core Number of 3, the number 12 is packed with new beginnings and potential, and is a sign that one is ready to take the next step, or move on, and has resolved the inner conflicts connected with making such decisions.

However, as with the number 11, there is a heaviness with this number.  It is also more associated with the negative aspects than the positive.  It's a number of Victimhood.  The mistakes of others leave this number as a scapegoat.  And, one might end up trusting the same people repeatedly.  Paranoia, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, suffering.   The Sacrificed One.

Number 13

Influenced by 1 and 3, with the Core Number 4, 13 is a little more grounded.  A realist, pragmatic and focused, 13 builds a strong foundation, where hard work and dedication leads to slow & steady progress.  Creative, but in a practical way, and not relying on others to get the job done.  Powerfully persistent.

Negative Aspects of 13 include obstacles and frustrations, Karmic Debt, and even Death.  Sometimes the persistence involved in getting the job done might be too much for some to handle.  Power if wrongly used will cause one's own destruction and downfall.  It can indicate great upheaval and destruction and change.

Number 14

Influenced by 1 and 4 with Core Number 5, 14 is good at making money, and enjoys a sense of freedom along with a quick wit.  14 is curious and adventurous, a mover & a shaker.

However. the mistakes or miscalculations or carelessness of others could cause problems.  Investments can prove too risky,   Negative aspects of this number show that it's very vulnerable to economic collapse, company restructuring, or other aspects out of this number's control.  At its worst, 14 can fall victim to flights of fancy, or find itself in a position of involuntary leader.  

Number 15

The number 15 is open to using magic to manipulate situations to achieve desired outcomes.  Willing to try anything that sounds reasonable.  It's also a number of nurturing, harmony, home, healing, and the changes that love brings.  Not an ominous number - in fact, it's a fortunate number with good intentions.  There's a sort of witchy charismatic magnetism with 15. 

Negative aspects of 15 include unresolved issues, and being easily aroused and disappointed.  15 can be sociopaths or psychopaths, who like to be in the spotlight.  Can also indicate a hot temper.

Number 16

16 is a number of introspection, intuition, family and wisdom.  Both spiritual and analytical, it can be very philosophical with sound arguments and confident in its inner wisdom.  A solution-finder for others.  Comfortable being alone.  

However, 16 can come across as a busy-body, or demanding.  16 can also be a warning of impending doom - especially of the death of a family member, either indicating that a family member has passed or will soon pass.

Number 17

17 represents a strong, independent, memorable person, someone who uses business as a tool, who is intent on acquisition for the betterment of all.  An explorer, respectful, responsible, an efficient and effective manager.  Intelligent, and with a high IQ, 17 will "rise superior in spirit to the difficulties of life.  Always efficient, 17 maintains a balance between goals and accomplishment, between resources and expectations, and between business activity and public relations.

But 17 can also be a difficult prima-donna and prone to temper tantrums.  

Number 18

18 comes across as strong, confident & independent.  It is very inviting & charming, worldly and sophisticated.  Primary focus is charitable - humanitarian.  Hard working, strong sense of justice, willing to put in the work for the betterment of humanity.   Determined.  Also known for tolerance.

However, it can also come across as self-righteous, and can experience a lot of frustrations.  This number is known for a lot of family problems.

Number 19

Where 18 is concerned with humanity, 19 is more concerned with itself and its own needs.  Works alone.  Completes goals, which may benefit humanity but they are mostly taken on because 19 would benefit.  Often beautiful and perfectionist.


As such, 19 can be seen as selfish, uncaring, self-serving, and having a big ego.   Alone, even with others.

Number 20

With 20, relationships are paramount.  Teamwork, coexistence, diplomacy, tolerance.  Goal of stress-free interactions and dynamics, whether between a romantic couple, co-workers, team setting, family or group.

Negative aspects of 20 can be melancholia, seeming to be weak, and 20 cannot be alone.

Number 21

Known as the "Crown of the Magi" on Chaldean tablets, 21 triumphantly heralds honors, victory and success.  21 resolves conflicts through creativity, which is paramount with this number.  

Negative aspects of this number: Can be co-dependent, or "all work no play".  Can feel like walking through a tunnel of a constant learning process, or like true success is always just out of reach.

Number 22

Numbers that are double digits of the same number are Master Numbers.   What makes these numbers really special is the fact that they contain layers upon layers of meanings. In addition to the energies of the repeated number they are made of, they contain the energies of the number they reduce to.

22 is the "Master Builder", making dreams a reality with confidence, balance and creativity.  22 is confident and ambitious, with clearly-defined goals, knowing with certainty that it has the personal power sufficient to succeed.

Alternatively, Some definitions consider 22 an unfortunate number, of naively falling victim to scams and lies.  There can be jealousies, childhood trauma, and restlessness until projects are completed.  

Number 23

Called “the Royal Star of the Lion” on Chaldean tablets and is a fortunate counterpart to number 37, the "Royal Star of the Bull".  These two numbers together are very powerful.

23 is a promise of success, help from superiors and protection from those in high places. In dealing with future events it is a most fortunate number and a promise of success of one’s plans.

It’s a number of Karmic protection and Karmic reward. This means that one can get away with a lot of things and that things never really got as bad as they could have. If the compound number of 23/5 is perfectly balanced, one is always invincible.
If not, the compound number of 23/5 means that one is hard to defeat.

Creative, team focused, good communication, rarely judgmental.  Great networking skills - especially oratory. Can deal with people in a sensitive manner.

Negative aspects:  Can be flighty or fickle, losing interest in one project to start another.  Can be non-committal.

Number 24

24 is wrapped up in conservative family values, harmony within the family, supporting each other in a secure environment, and sharing the same beliefs.   The energy of 24 isn't leadership energy. Instead, it tends to resonate best when involved directly with members of the family or team as an equal. When necessary, 24 functions behind the scenes to lessen hurts and bring members back into the fold.  A number of order, integrity, justice, commitment.  A number of returning successful.  A proud diplomat.  Gains through love and the opposite sex.  A firm handshake.  A man of his word.

Negative aspects of 24:  Can turn a blind eye, or be judgmental.  Can indicate an affair, or hypocrisy.  Poor judgment. Betrayal. Lacking tolerance, small minded.

Number 25

25 denotes strength through experience - learning by trial and error.  Slow success.  Gut feelings. Instincts. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  This number is favorable when it appears regarding the future.

Negative aspects of 25:  This can reflect tough life lessons, obstacles, or unfairness.

Number 26

26 is full of the gravest warnings for the future. It foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; ruin by bad speculations, by partnerships, unions, and bad advice. If it comes out in connection with future events one should carefully consider the path one is treading.

With 26, one can achieve great success rapidly, but one will eventually lose it extremely fast. When this happens, one will have a feeling of life being like a ruin.  One’s life constantly starts over, and life often becomes a struggle of rebuilding instead of living  Constantly building and rebuilding seems to be a common theme with this number. 


But with great change comes great transformation, and growth.

An unfortunate number upright, reversed it can indicate ruin, bad advice, endings, disaster and loss.

Number 27

Symbolized as “the Scepter,” 27 carries a promise of authority, power, and command. It indicates that reward will come from the productive intellect; that the creative faculties have sown good seeds that will reap a harvest.  It represents a person that can stand up for themselves. Persons with this “command” number in their past should carry out their ideas and plans. It is a fortunate number if it appears in any connection with future events.

Negative aspects of 27: Too dominating in thought & action, imbalance between the physical and material.  

Number 28

 28 is a number of great promise and possibilities that may all be taken away if one does not carefully provide for the future.  28 is primarily focused on itself, even when considering its associations and relationships and associations.  Determination, business, focused.


Negative aspects of 28:   Loss through trust in others, opposition, and competition in trade, the danger of loss through the law, and the likelihood of having to begin life’s road over and over again.  Evil Genius.  Danger.

Number 29

You really don't want this number anywhere.  

It is not a fortunate number for the indication of future events. 29 represents uncertainties, treachery, and deception of others; it foreshadows trials, tribulation, and unexpected dangers, unreliable friends, and grief and deception caused by members of the opposite sex. It gives a grave warning if it comes out in anything concerning future events. It’s like the compound number of 11/2 on steroids.  29 is often associated with criminal behavior or people who work with criminals such as defense lawyers etc.

Number 30

Philosopher. Profound mindset.  Seeing things from a higher perspective. This is a number of thoughtful deduction, retrospection, and mental superiority over one’s fellows on the mental plane.  It can be all-powerful, but it is just as often indifferent according to the will or desire of the person.  30 is interested in history because it likes to understand why things are the way they are now, and how things became this way. People who are represented by the compound number of 30/3 are much in their head, and therefore they prefer a small group of friends rather than a vast army of acquaintances.

Negative aspects of 30:  Can come across as having a superiority complex, egotistical, snobby, selfish, self-serving.  Can use intellect to manipulate.  Feels entitled.

Number 31

Similar to 30, except 31 is even more self-absorbed, lonely, and isolated. It is not a fortunate number from a worldly or material standpoint.  31 does has a strong sense of self-worth, is loyal and reliable, and achieves goals through planning and step-by-step processes.  Not a risk-taker - needs stability and security and consistent routine.

31 is associated with autism, OCD, Asperger’s, ADHD and other similar mental disorders.  Black sheep, loneliness – even when with big groups of people. Intelligent, but this often comes with the expense of social problems and strange behavior.

Number 32

32 is a fortunate number if the person it represents holds to his judgment and opinions: if not, his plans are likely to be wrecked by the stubbornness and stupidity of others. It is a favorable number if it appears in connection with future events, and denotes prospects of new adventures & an upbeat, positive outlook.  32 is a number of international businesses, great speakers and eloquence on a high level. Money and material success flow easily with 32. It’s also a number of corporate businesses and strong abilities to get wealthy, and for international travel if balanced. It’s a number seen among many corporate CEOs and major corporations.

Negative aspects of 32:  The Emperor's New Clothes sort of energy.  Can seem puffed up, braggart.

Number 33

Numbers that are double digits of the same number are Master Numbers.  What makes these numbers really special is the fact that they contain layers upon layers of meanings. In addition to the energies of the repeated number they are made of, they contain the energies of the number they reduce to.


  As such,

33 holds a prominent place in numerology as the Master Teacher.  Height of spiritual growth. Zealous, compassionate, knowledgeable, loving.  Intuitive visionary qualities with the ability to manifest in the material world.  Inspiring others, lifting them to a higher plane of existence.  

But this can leave 33 feeling drained, or overburdened.  33 can also be smothering.

Number 34

34 interprets its wisdom and intuition creatively, seldom getting bogged down in unworkable details when considering solutions to problems.  Introspective.  Inspirational. Draws people, influential - aims to create a kingdom of like-minded people.  Wisdom gained through knowledge of self.

34 often has higher stress and lower energy.  Unbalanced, it can indicate that one is taking the wrong path and should change route.

Number 35

35 has a knack for business and building things.  Realist. Balance of work/play, material/spiritual, acquisition/exchange.  Building something that will last, endure the test of time. Commitment. Focus.

Reversed it can be a most unfortunate number, filled with bumpy roads ahead, or a cold, cynical personality.  Freedom at a cost.

Number 36

36 is more focused on long term solutions than short term fixes.  36 sees no real difference between itself, its neighbors, or people of other cultures.  Non-judgmental, whether societal, religious or political.   Welfare of humanity is paramount.  Honest and frank, often speaking without filters.

Can be too selfless, and if unbalanced (reversed) can indicate a need to re-evaluate choices, direction, opportunities or perspectives.  Although tolerant and non-judgmental, can still come across as insensitive to the feelings of others and self-righteous due to lack of filters.

Number 37

37 is known as the "Royal Star of the Bull" and a fortunate counterpart to 23, which is known as the Royal Star of the Lion.  These two numbers together are very powerful. (There are 2 other Royal Stars - 51 & 65 - but this deck only goes to 44).

This number has a distinct potency of its own. It is a number of good and fortunate friendships in love, and combinations connected with the opposite sex. It is also good for partnerships of all kinds. It is a fortunate indication if it appears in connection with future events. 37 represents a highly intellectual mind, the potential to achieve major international business and getting wealthy.  37 also has a very strong intuition and gut feeling, and creates a high level of popularity among people. If the compound number of 37 is balanced, it will create a rock-star attitude.  High status, celebrity, independence and bold decisions are associated with 37.  Creatively enjoys expressions of independence, and the sense of "rightness" and fulfillment that such freedom and independence brings.

Unbalanced (reversed) 37 can signal scandals in love, misfortune, sorrow, lack of empathy.  Reluctant leader.

Number 38

38 indicates a reward or inheritance coming, or a welcome visitor or message.  38 requires teamwork and common goals, and friendship or other types of coexistence.

Must be with others.  Can feel lost when alone.  Unbalanced (reversed) can indicate betrayal by friends, or being selfish due to bad friends.  Reversal can also have evil intent.

Number 39

If perfectly balanced, 39 can be a powerful, winner mentality.  But if one doesn't rid themselves of negativity, they will attract more with 39.  With 39, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, or the few.   Although tolerant, 39 holds a more or less private idealistic vision for humankind, and is hopeful for the future to be better.  Sometimes regarded as a perfect number, very connected to travel and communication.

Unbalanced (reversed) 39 can be cursed, shamed, or prostituted.

Number 40

40 is all about pragmatism.  A number of dignity, security and method, 40 is focused on building the foundation through step-by-step progress.

Unbalanced (reversed) 40 can feel stuck, plagued with self-limiting beliefs, or stuck in negative cycles of its own creation.

Number 41

41 can be thought of as the doorway to opportunities and encourages one to follow their instincts.  Trust inner wisdom.  In business, motion and relationships, it's moderately fortunate.  Conscientious.

Unbalanced (reversed) 41 can suggest that one stop relying on others.  It can also be timid, insecure, lacking boldness.

Number 42

42 awakens with vision and the heart's desire, love, and passion.  A nurturing, romantic number, whether family or romantic interests.

Unbalanced (reversed) 42 can indicate being stuck in a rut and needing to start down a new path.  Lust.   Unrequited love.

Number 43

43 is Introspective, analytical and pragmatic.  However this number is unfortunate when associated with future events. It is symbolized by the signs of revolution, upheaval, strife, failure, and prevention. Also stillbirth, so this number has been known to be avoided on maternity wards.


43 often makes the impression on people that they are “pain in the ass”. Even if they have a point in what they say, they are mostly disliked. They often appear in a very annoying way in the public eye.

Number 44

As a Master Number (double digit of same number), with 4 translating to grounded structure and discipline, 44 will heighten that energy. These energies translate to being a stickler for rules, or a more positive side would be making law-making or law-enforcement a career.


44 is known as the Rare Healer.  Professional, driven by love, influential and strong willed.  44 is a realistic number, not easily fooled by grand promises or scams and makes pragmatic use of past successes, self-discipline and confidence.

However, can also lead others astray, and is unmotivated without love.  And, the karmic penalty with 44 can be extremely intense.

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