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Tanga Okondo uses the Samhain Deck of the Bastard II for her readings


Great video review of the Samhain Lenormand by Kelly of Truth in Story



Mark Tompkins, author of The Last Days of Magic uses the Deck of the Bastard to promote his book!   Thanks, Mark!

Today arrived my awesome deck !

Very beautiful, I'm so happy with the result.

So, 1000 X thanks for all you send.

Great deck, I love it !


Deck of the Bastard
Tarot Deck

Such a lovely deck! Thank you.

Julia2009 on November 2, 2013​


Perfect vintage look with all the durability of new cards. I absolutely love these. Beautiful images. Fast shipping too!

Bearsandwater on October 30, 2013


I was blown away by the quality and stunning artistry. Very fast shipping too. Thank you so much and I will definitely shop again.

Vena5 on October 22, 2013


Beautiful vintage-looking deck. I love it. Just had to have a spare!

marymama65 on October 20, 2013


Beautiful deck!!!!! One of the best I've seen.

glc824 on October 19, 2013


I am so pleased with this deck. Love it! Thank you.

Julia2009 on October 9, 2013


Beautiful tarot deck! I couldn't be happier with the custom back. You do some fabulous work.

dlaufnick on October 3, 2013


The Deck Of The Bastard is PERFECT!!!!! I collect tarot decks and I think this one is my favorite! Thank you so much!

Connie Barnett October 2, 2013


This is the most beautiful deck! I was challenged find a deck which truly inspired me to read, and which "spoke" to me, until the Deck of the Bastard. I love this deck and have a hard time putting it down. The artist is brilliant. I recommend anything she creates. She often introduces new products, but in a limited number, and they go quickly. Plan to visit her shop often, so you don't miss anything. A real treasure!

marymama65 on September 26, 2013


This is a great vintage looking deck. Familiar yet mysterious, this deck should please any Tarot collector.

Fred on September 6, 2013


Great item! Extremely satisfied! :)

Brandon on September 4, 2013


These are fantastic. Thank you so, so, so much for the fast turnaround time. I can't wait to give these to my husband for his birthday!!!!! Wonderful seller, I'm sure I'll buy from you again! Thanks!!!!

mizzbishop on August 31, 2013 the gorgeous, vintage artwork... Wish I had of ordered two!

Ann Coghland on August 27, 2013


Just perfect, I love it. Thank you so much.

Lynne Tyson on August 26, 2013


Wonderful deck. Love the feel of the cards, beautiful work, really delightful envisioning of Tarot.

megmerrylees on August 19, 2013


What a stunning beautiful deck! Words cannot express how much I love this tarot deck! Anyone considering buying this deck I would suggest paying the extra money for the cards to be custom made totally worth it worth every penny! I had been searching for the perfect deck for several years and now I found it love it so much.

Lori on August 14, 2013


I ordered the deck of the bastard with personalization, and I absolutely LOVE it.
I knew it would be amazing, but it was even better than I imagined.
It is also the best quality deck that I own. Extremley professional.
I will defiantly purchase from Seven stars again.
She has wonderful communication, the whole experience was just great!

Anon November 16, 2013


Sola Busca Revisited Tarot Deck

I was born into this incarnation with strong spiritual/divine intuition. Over the last 31 yrs I have worked with 100's upon 100's of different tarot cards. This amazing Tarot Deck is a divine Masterpiece!!! I am a Professor at a holistic Academy of spiritual and holistic art's and I urge all of my students to experience the true beauty and amazing energy that is released from every single card. Not only do I recommend this Tarot Deck, I also label it the #1 best Tarot Deck I have ever had the PLEASURE of working with!!! A++++

Lisa Laverdeon September 6, 2013


These are wonderful! I have wanted the deck for some time now. I will soon be ordering another set for one of my daughters. Arrived super-fast! Thank you!

Kristine Cheyne on August 25, 2013


These were pricey but they truly are unique. Service was very quick and the seller is very polite and helpful.

Carolyn Maas on August 22, 2013


Gorgeous cards! So excited that they arrived today. Elaine was so easy to work with and customized the deck exactly as I asked. I will treasure these cards!

Christine Candora-Hickey, August 2013


Absolutely colorful beautiful deck! Love the no borders!

Debimages, June 2014


I am 110 percent pleased with my beautiful customized tarot decks from Elaine. I feel more drawn to use them than my many other decks in my collection because they are uniquely beautiful and made professionally for me personally. I love them!

Corinne Robertson, June 2013


Fantastic!! Cards are my dream come true!

Luna Benita, May 2013


Incredible deck. Couldn't be happier- excellent work and excellent customer service! Much appreciated~

belagile, May 2013


Awesome deck, an instand favourite!

MorwennasFaeMagick, May 2013


I voted for this deck in AT 2014 as the "All Time Favorite" Deck.

rylla, Romania, February 2014




...A pathetic, dirty, meaningless patchwork...

Giordano Berti, Author & Tarot Historian, Italy, February 2014



I was responsible of the inventory and sales of Tarot Cards, at the Samuel Weiser Book Store, on Broadway in New York City, so I have seen and held many Tarot Decks. I must to tell you how impressed I am with the imagery and sensibilities of your Decks. I have one of your decks, and have ordered one more. Best wishes and hope to see more

R. Lewis Grant, April 2017

Absolutely gorgeous!!! The alterations made to the original deck's imagery are perfect - they make each altered image "fit" their meaning a bit more without being intrusive or noticeable. Really, the only way to tell that some of the images aren't part of the original deck is to have the original and Seven's "Revisited" deck side-by-side and go through card-by-card. The cards themselves are smooth and glide easily when shuffling, the standard antiqued card-back fits the feel of the deck itself perfectly, and the colors are rich, vibrant, and warm. Seven's "Deck of the Bastard" has been my favorite for a while now, but I do believe this "Revisited" deck will be taking its place as my go-to!!! Truly lovely, and will definitely be back again!!!!

Vespertine13 on Oct 4, 2018

Vintage German Lenormand

Lovely traditional images, and fun to choose the back.

Rebecca Walker on September 11, 2013


Fantastic! Beautiful cards. Highly recommended!

J Edwards on September 7, 2013


Perfect! Super-fast delivery! I'll be ordering with poem inserts next. Thank you!

Kristine Cheyne on August 25, 2013


Love the deck! Lenormand is such a delight of a deck! I also love this shop and love the seller! Marvelous always!

Luna Benita RichWitch on August 23, 2013


just wonderful! as described.

seshu1 on August 20, 2013


Looks so aged that you dare not riffle - but you can! Good traditional, very readable Lenormand. Great job!

Stella Waldvogel on August 15, 2013

Spirit Board Book

Unique and darkly beautiful. Thank you!

marymama65 on October 25, 2013


What a fabulous board/book! I lost myself in it immediately. Very good, solid information as well. I own two of Seven's decks, and they're now my go-to tarot. Thank you, Seven!

Ally Potter on September 23, 2013


Marvelous art work throughout the book! Huge book! Two spirit boards on the covers to use! Fabulous!!! Beyond this world!

Luna Benita RichWitch on September 11, 2013




Feedback on other decks & purchases

You are an exceptional individual. I found your site to be enriching on many levels. Know that you are an inspiration to many. You have my utmost respect. It is when we share our gifts with others that we discover the true beauty of who we are. Never doubt that what you do is meaningful 

and significant. Thank you for sharing your unique and transforming essence. I wish you love and light in every step along the way.

                                 ~M. Teal

Wow!  The Deck of the Dead cards look great.  The custom back adds a different element to the cards. I am very pleased with them.   

Thank you very much.

Marvin, February 13, 2017

I just wanted to write to tell you that i received all 5 decks!  

The last shipment arrived on Friday.  i can't even begin to say how very much in love with each of them I am.

They are my prized decks, and i have just placed an order for 3 more decks a few minutes i am quite obsessed with all of your work.  I took the leap and am going to try out a waterproof deck, which is part of my order.

Thank you for creating such amazing decks!

Wendy O'connell, March 19, 2017

I received the Deck of Sorrows order yesterday.  Any superlatives I could say won't give justice to your artwork.

George Gunnels, April 18, 2017

Beautiful energy and beautifully crafted! Thank you!

~Light Witch Tarot

I've been ITCHING for this beauty to get here, and it came in this morning. Seriously, this deck is everything I've been looking for and more, and we're already getting along brilliantly. I will absolutely cherish this deck for years to come. Thank you so much!!




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