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Patterns and Combinations in Bone Casting

Here is where things get interesting.  When the bones are cast, some land in groupings, some will land outside your "circle" or reading area, some land on top of each other, some cris-crossed, some face down.  This is a basic guide to help give you an idea for how to interpret all of these combinations and how I handle the different patterns.
First of all, look at what has landed in the center.  Perhaps nothing landed in the center, or perhaps several items.   This represents the main focus of the reading - what's going on here and now.
From there, work your way outwards.  Many readers read time from left to right.  I prefer to read from the center and moving outward - items from center to the left = further in the past, items from center to the right = further in the future, items from center toward the top = how soon things are moving away, etc.
Gather up items landing outside the circle or cloth.  They don't count.  Put them back in the bag.
Some people also gather up anything that lands face down.  I prefer to leave those, as I consider anything landing face down as having a "lessor" or weakened influence.  
When items land in groups, I'll often interpret them like their own little reading, apart from whatever else is going on.  Small thin pointy bones or arrows are great for indicating a direction that things are moving in.  If you have a chain in your set, or a piece of string, it will sometimes connect one grouping to another.  
Items landing at the farthest top are usually things that are moving away.  Items closest to you are things that are entering your life or the situation.
Items landing in a straight line next to each other should be read as one "line" or progression.
So, what you're seeing may not equal out into a linear "storyline" - it's sometimes pretty scattered information.  It may be bits and pieces, like clues at a crime scene.  Try to take these clues and put them together to make useful information.  I will also quite often pull out anything that is not useful in the throw.  Don't feel like you have to read every single item on the map.






















Whether it's bones or curios, patterns matter. 

Here's a quick reference guide. 

When bones land in these formations,

this is how I interpret them:


T Shape:  Blockage. top is blocking lower

Parallel lines: Balance

X Shape: Strong wish

Horizontal line: Feminine/receptive / NO

Vertical: Masculine/dynamic / YES

Diagonal: Separation. Look to either side to see what is separated

Horseshoe: Upright = good luck, Rx=bad luck

Upright triangle: Growth, manifesting

Rx triangle: Something is shrinking away

"H":  Storms, chaos.  Calamity.  Growth.


An item landing on top of another can indicate obstacles.













Chicken Bone Combinations:


Wing + Leg:  Message from ancestors / guides

Wishbone + Wing:  If curved up, A wish come true.  If curve down (reversed) wishful thinking, fairie favors (luck is up vs luck is down)

Wishbone + Broken Wing:  A lie has been told.

Leg + Neck:  Spirit of loss & poverty

Leg + Wishbone:  Spirit of increase, abundance. A suitor. Flirtations.

Rib + Wing:  Freedom from restrictions, removal of curses

Vertebre:  Fears & concerns, areas of influence depending on what they're surrounding, the intensity of which depends on how many there are around each item or how close to the center.  Least number in center circle = weak, then increasing in strength as more are added, depending on how many in your set.

Patterns in Bone Reading
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