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An updated version of the Kaleidoscope Edition Vintage German Lenormand with a twist! This is a divination card deck, very beautiful to look at, and to anyone who doesn't know Lenormand, they are just pretty images. But to those who know Lenormand, if you look closely, within each of the images you'll see the pictures that define the card - the dog, the fox, the ship, man, woman, numbers, etc.


Mystify your friends by actually reading with this deck! The colors are more vibrant than the first kaleidoscope deck. Something interesting, fun, beautiful & definitely different! Each deck is poker size & comes in a clear plastic case.  

Vintage German Lenormand Deck, Kaleidoscope edition

The deck comes on premium linen card stock and with this card back, but you can also purchase a custom card back of your choice with this deck.

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