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Return Policy




If there is a problem with your shipment - if it was damaged, or if there was a problem with the printing, please write to me as soon as possible!  They should come to you pristine, and that is usually the case, however due to the fact that these ARE individually printed & not mass produced, every once in a great while there might be a problem with a deck.   I always replace damaged or misprinted decks, however, my printer always requires photographs.  So, if you write to me about a damaged deck it would help speed things up if you could include photos.


Due to the fact that each item is custom made to order and unique, I do not take returns.  I'm not big like Amazon or Wal-mart.   It's too timely & expensive shipping-wise & each item is too personal to the person who purchased it.  I do not have a physical storefront where I can resell items - all orders are drop-shipped directly from the printer.  Items returned to the printer will probably be discarded by the printer.


Please be sure to also read my Terms of Service.


I try to provide the clearest pictures I can of the decks, and if you're unsure & want more images, let me know.  How they look in the photos on my site is what they should look like when you get them, and most of my decks I strive for an aged, old world look, and sometimes old world printers weren't "perfect" and there will be a defect here & there, or a fragment off-center, or it will look like it has stains or tears - these are intentional. 


I can also print small samples for a nominal charge if you would like to preview the quality ahead of time.  


My goal is to make everyone their dream deck, & I work very hard to make sure people are over-the-top happy!



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