Casting on Animal Hide

Items landing on Head: The seeker's current state of mind,


Neck: External factors influencing the individual or situation.


Back:  The heart's desire & often the person's true motivations

& feelings about their situation, which may or may not be different

from their thoughts.


Front Left Leg: What's working against you.


Rear Left Leg:  The past and those factors and influences which

are passing into history.


Front Right Leg:  What is needed to stay on the "right path".

Shows who or what is helping the situation.


Rear Right Leg: Final outcome.


Groin Area:  Sex/sexuality. This area also represents patterns of

thought and behavior (positive or negative)  which will continue.


Tail:  What you can take away or learn from this situation.

What you're left with.





















Don't like real animal hides?  I make a Tiger Set that you can use!  

How to Read Tiger Casting Cloth.jpg