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Basic Spreads

Celtic Cross spread

The Celtic Cross

Tree of Personal Growth spread shows cards laid out in a heart pattern and definitions for each posi
Lovers Spread - 8 cards laid out like a heart with definitions for each position

Three Card Spread

Three Card Spread, shows three tarot cards, past present and future

Past                                Present                                Future

Nature of

The Relationship

What HE contributes to

the relationship - his


What SHE contributes to

the relationship - her


For YES / NO questions, upright cards count as a yes, reversal counts as a no, and the center card counts twice.  The cards themselves will explain why the answer is a yes or a no.  In the case of a draw, either there is not enough information at this time or too much is up in the air.

Weekly Draw Lenormand and Tarot Chart

Copy this form & use it daily!

Money Spread - 5 tarot cards with definitions for each position
This or That spread showing tarot cards and definitions

Should he stay? Or should he go?

The Querant

(2) - (3) - (4) = If he stays

(5) - (6) - (7) = If he leaves

Witches Circle Tarot Mat
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