Madam Morrow's Fortune Telling Cards

Madam Morrow's Fortune Telling Cards



Madam Morrow's Fortune Telling Cards

An edited, aged reprint of 1800's McLoughlin Bros Lenormand

This is a very sweet, simple, unsophisticated deck from the 1800's. It has been delicately aged, and I have added a new back to the deck which will come standard (blue with print), with custom card back options available.

36 Card Lenormand deck, poker size on premium cardstock. Cardback shown unless otherwise specified. Comes shrink wrapped in free clear plastic case.

Combo pack (mini + poker) available.


Here's a youtube video review by Painted Lady:

Customer reviews: Quick and to the point, this deck is fabulous! The way this lady has reproduced these, makes you feel like you have an original deck in your hands and their size is 3 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide; the deck comes in a firm, plastic, clear box. Additionally to the 36 cards, the title Snow White & Dwarves card; a Definitions card of keywords; Instructions; and a History card. The deck shuffles wonderfully! LOVE IT! ~Lyn Black