Gypsy Wagon Download

Gypsy Wagon Download

Download to make your own Gypsy Wagon

Designed by Seven Stars.  This is a fun & easy project anyone can do.  Purchase the download, print out the pattern, and follow the simple instructions to make your own Gypsy Wagon!
Download pattern for only $4.99  OR get it for free with the purchase of a Tarot deck!   

NOTE!  It's really bizarre, but, no one in Europe is allowed to buy this because I'm not doing the whole registering with MOSS, looking up every single IP number to find out if they're in Europe, & paying quarterly VAT taxes that are apparently running around 19%.  So.  People in Europe.  Either have someone outside of Europe buy my downloads, or just skip it. please.  
Two downloads to be printed on 8.5" x 11" heavy paper or cardstock. Easy to put together, instructional video is on this website or youtube.

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