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Flying Fish Reading Cloth / Collection

Flying Fish Reading Cloth / Collection



Paintings are by Herbert Draper  (1863 - 1920) - the cloth, pouch and cover of the journal are the painting Flying Fish, the inside cover is Lamia, inside back cover is Gates of Dawn, back cover is Mountain Mists.


This Tarot cloth measures a large 22" x 22" and is made of 100% spun polyester - which has a lovely silky weighty feel to it, very limp - it lays quite well.  


Is large enough for a Celtic Cross spread.


The Pouch is also padded polyester with a hand strap and measures 4 x 7" (Fits Tarot size deck).  


Matching Journal: 

*  Durable, laminated covers and back photo page 
*  Customized cover, inside front, inside back cover, and back
*  Measures 8.3 x 5.8 (210 x 148 mm) A5-sized
*  Black spiral binding
*  Lined sheets 
*  200 pages (100 sheets)
*  Top quality construction printed on heavy cardstock. 
    Cover and back printed on 100lb (250gsm) cardstock. 
    Inside pages printed on 70lb (100gsm).


You CAN also get a matching card to go with the Waterhouse oracle deck - see photos.  This is only $15 in addition to the purchase of the deck for $63  (total $78).



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