This deck started out tongue-in-cheek, as a response to fill the vast void left by Doreen Virtue.  A totally angelic, sweet, non-scary Tarot deck.  


But as I got to making it, there were just too many "AWWW"s......so, in the end, yes this is a non-scary deck.  No, it's in no way a dark deck.  First of its kind from me - a fluffy, fluffy fluffy Tarot.  


The Death card is Angel Bunny.  The Devil is Rascal Bunny.  Hierophant is Wise Bunny.  Even normally dark cards like the 10 of Swords, the Tower, and 5 of cups have a non-scary cute bunny.  


I think you'll find that this is a super fun and easy deck to read with.  RWS based.  All illustrated pips.


Comes Tarot size only, 78 cards, white window tuck box with matching accessories available on the Accessories shop page (you gotta look they're adorable).  Comes on 310 gsm premium linen card stock


You CAN get custom card backs with this deck, but the back that comes with the deck matches it perfectly.  You might want to customize it & have me add a name on there, though.  You can also get this deck on waterproof card stock for an additional charge, which I highly recommend.


And, as with everything else on this site, free shipping world wide.

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