Deck of the Dead READING MAT


Protect your deck like Casinos do. These mats are made from durable commercial grade polyester surface fabric and state of the art dye-print technology.

Quality construction includes safe, non-slip strong rubber backing provides maximum durability.

Cleans easily with mild soap and an outdoor hose, no bleach; air dry.

This deck was made specifically for the Deck of the Dead. The images are reflections of the Death card, and a tiny poem (by Seven Stars) around the edges reads:

"The dust we tread beneath our feet reveals decay of bone & meat, of lives & loves & toils asunder, all for naught & six feet under. Cast your eyes unto the night & listen well, for just by chance the spirits may reveal themselves as they perform their ghostly dance. Dance they will, frenzied & vast, nor for follies of the past, nor for lives that were illusion. As you watch their mad confusion, say not a word in fear or dread - you'll join the dance once you are dead."

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Measures 17"D x 27"W.

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