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Deck of the Bastard Tarot Deck

Deck of the Bastard Tarot Deck



The Deck of the Bastard is so named because it is a bastardization of several very old decks. The problem with old decks is that (1) They don't have all the images we want in decks for practical readings today, such as the Hanged Man & Emperor & Empress, (2) They often do not have illustrated pips, (3) The writing on the cards is quite often not in English, (4) The paper quality is fragile & difficult to shuffle (5) Often the card backs are not attractive and (6) IF you can find them, they're quite expensive.

What I have done is to take the very best of everything and combine it into one deck. The DOB looks very old, but the cardstock is most excellent & a dream to shuffle.

This deck comes standard with the spider/snake back. If you would like something different for the back or for additional cards, please purchase the custom card back option (SEE CUSTOM CARD BACK PAGE)

78 Tarot fortune telling cards, individually aged. Tarot size(2.75 x 4.75).


Matching pouches ARE available. Waterproofing available on all decks - see separate ads.

Be sure to click on BOTH options here - one is for which deck you want (keywords/blank etc), AND which SIZE deck.


This deck sometimes looks lower contrast than you see on this ad, it's just part of the printing process - if it's drastically different & a printing error let me know, but it's not surprising if it's lighter & differences in contrast should be expected.  See photos for what I'm talking about, they are mostly customer photos.


NEW!  JOURNALING STICKERS!  See ad on the tarot page.



Thanks Mama Fiya Tarot for the great video review! See it in the Feedback section or on youtube here:



Thanks, Modern Metaphysichae, who also did a very clear card by card review here:


And, Thank you Blissful Oasis for another wonderful video review! This is also in the Feedback Section and on youtube HERE.






    Truly a perfect thing. Exceeded my expectations and will be on my reading table for a long time to come. ~Lisa Perreault

    I love this deck! The images are so beautiful. Individually it's obvious that the cards are stylistically different but the artistry of Seven Stars allows all 79 (bonus world card) to be seen as a complete collection. I love the size and thickness of these card too! Because I have small hands, The thickness and length of other decks makes it difficult for me to shuffle. These cards are just perfect. I get so many complements on these cards and I'll be getting another customized deck soon. ~Havana James

    A wonderful deck made with sturdy stock that shuffles like a dream. ~Petra Gilbert

    I just got my DOtB!!! And pouch! And extra goodies! So incredibly beautiful!! Everyone in my family was oooing and aahing over the amazing workmanship on both the deck and the pouch! I haven't even had time to shuffle yet, but the cards feel great! My very own deck--my beautiful deck! I can't thank you enough. They are perfect! You can use any of this for a testimonial. Soooo happy! ~~CountryMouse

    Beautiful deck. Manipulates wonderfully in the hands. Great quality. Amazing shipping. Would and will definitely buy again. ~Jacoblah

    Another amazing, out-of-the-ball-park job Seven Stars! These cards truly allow the reader to evolve within this beautiful system. Many thanks! I believe so strongly in your work. ~Giuliana Ramirez

    Be still my heart! I got the copy of your DOB, and (I can't believe I am saying this) it is even better than your Samhein DOB ed. 2. I am absolutely in love with it. The pictures are so clear, the card stock amazing. I'm totally in love with this deck. Why did I make myself wait so long?? ~Donnaleigh de LaRose

    Just want to say "Outstanding decks"! Every night I handle Deck of the Bastard and realize how great these decks are. You have a wonderful eye! ~Mike H

  • Card Stock

    310 gsm casino quality card stock with Premium linen finish.

    The linen card stock has an eggshell finish (not glossy) and a very slight texture (you can see if you hold up to the light).  This texture allows for the slightest bit of air to pass between the cards, allowing for a smoother shuffle.  The 310 gsm card stock is a paper card stock, and it is less prone to get "the bends" (the bane of tarot collectors - where there becomes a slight warp for seemingly no reason). 

    IF you prefer a different card stock than the linen or waterproof card stocks, please write to me in advance of placing your order.

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