Officially the name of this deck should be "The 2016 Limited Edition Samhain Deck of the Bastard The Red Deck II, Deck of Sorrows" but that's a little wordy, so I'm just calling it "2016 Deck of Sorrows".

The 2015 Red Deck was very popular, but I know a lot of people don't like keywords and that deck had 4 keywords per card on it. So this time, I decided to release it without keywords and with a different border. Once the keywords were removed the deck seemed eerily quiet....silent as the grave in fact. So, I decided to go with that & name it the Deck of Sorrows.

This deck features individually age-marked vintage photo borders, and there is a free poem card in each deck.

Printed on 310 gsm Linen premium casino quality card stock.

Available in Tarot size (2.75 x 4.75"), Bridge (2.25 x 3.5"), or Large (3.5 x 5.75"). Large is on 300 gsm sturdy card stock, all are matte finish, non-glossy.

You CAN purchase Waterproof Card Stock and Custom Card Backs for these decks. There are listings on this page for both Custom Card Backs and for Waterproof Card Stock.

RW system, 78 cards plus face card and poem card, shrink-wrapped, Tarot size comes in white window tuck box for Tarot size, shrink wrapped for Large & Bridge size.

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As with all the Samhain decks, this one will cease in production at the end of 2017. The Red deck (last year's Samhain deck) will be in production until the end of this year.

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