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Kaylean Theorem grid with cards Tarot by Seven



Past: 25    Present: 8    Future: 0

You have good instincts, which have come  from learning from your mistakes.  You're balanced & have good judgment.   Your moment of truth is coming - that moment of realization.  You are ready for this.


Family /


Past:  -2    Present:  -42    Future: -21

Something in your past regarging your family is holding you back.  Past family traumas, something behind the scenes.  Possibly a feeling of being unloved.  You may be destined to repeat the same mistakes, and to feel victimized or co-dependent if you do not address this issue.  


Environment/ Place

Past:  -30    Present:  -22    Future: -29

Something wrong with your environment/surroundings in the past - something selfish, self-serving, or manipulative.  This has carried over into your present situation & is most likely connected with the problems discussed in your family/inheritance section.  The warning is strong that if you don't address it, you're not going to like your surroundings in the future.




Past:  25   Present:  -2    Future: -30

You learned how to take care of yourself physically through trial & error & instincts.  But your past family traumas have caused you to not be the biggest risk-taker.  It will eventually cause you in the future to be defensive, or manipulative or even feel entitled.  There is an unbalance physically due to the other issues that need to be addressed.


Love /


Past:  8   Present:  -42    Future: -22

You are actually a balanced person who has been through alot - in the past.  But you're carrying your baggage forward.  Dealing with all this karmic stuff - when you are naturally goal-oriented with good judgment.  Your family trauma has caused you to be stuck, and possibly with unrequitted love.  All indicators seem to reflect a need to address some issue that occurred with your family in your upbringing.


Career /


Past:  0   Present:  -21    Future: -29

You started out with infinite potential, but at present, you feel like it's all work & no play and success is always just out of reach.  The feeling is entitlement, victimhood, not the best....This would be a good area to seriously re-assess your abilities, goals & prospects & start something completely new.  


SurroundingsCORE Number:  1

Potential for improvement - change - growth. Independent,  a pioneer willing to make that leap of faith to get to the place you want to be. 

You can read these like a tarot spread, using the positions and the keywords, and not mess with the addition if you like.  The addition just gives you an extra layer of depth to the reading.

GIVE THE PAGE A MINUTE TO LOAD, and then hover over each heading for my brief interpretation of each row/column according to the keywords.  Core number interpretations will be addressed in the graphic below.


For more instructions for each quadrant

Here is how to add the rows and columns. 

Remember add the past to the present, and then add that total to the future.

Then reduce that answer to the "Core" number.

If you're reducing a negative double digit number like -34, remember that the first digit (3) is negative and the second digit (4) is positive, so it's (-3) + (4)....or, 4-3=1.

After adding the rows and columns, add those totals together as shown. 

The final number is the Destiny Number.

GIVE THE PAGE A MINUTE TO LOAD & then hover over the underlined CORE numbers for my interpretation of what they could mean in this position.

Physical Health CORE Number:  -7

Aside from the keyword definitions, the CORE number definition for Physical Health is unbalanced, finding flaws, aggressive, with the letter associations of H, P & W.  Since this is a negative number, the letter association could possibly indicate problems with Heart, Hips, Hemroids, Hernia, Pancreas, Pain, Wrists, etc.

Love / Relationships CORE Number:  1

There is nothing but potential with 1.  There is forward motion, movement, beginnings - but what you do with those beginnings may have a lot to do with the other issues discussed in the spread.  Because 1 is also alone...for now

Kaylean Letter associations:  B

B could be associated with a name

Physical Health CORE Number:  -7

Something going on behind the scenes that could be worth paying attention to.  Could be agressive, some flaw, suspicious.

The Kaylean letter associations for -7 could offer a clue - they would indicate parts of the body that start with H, P or W, such as Head, Heart, Hips, Hands, Humerus, Hamstring,  Hernia, Hemroids, Pancreas, Pain, Pulmonary Embolism, Pelvis, Patella,  Wrist, or illnesses/diseases that start with these letters.

Career / Money CORE Number:  8

So much potential for abundance.  You are goal-oriented, wealth, and have good judgment.  You've been hardened by dealing with major responsibility.  You Build things slowly.  A legacy.   Practical.  An achiever, measuring life by achieved goals.  Stable, balanced.  A lucky number.  Ambirious.  Karmic.  Enduring.  Constantly manifesting.

The Kaylean letter associations for the number 8 are I, Q & X


Family / Inheritance CORE Number:  -1

Very unbalanced.  Bad decisions, lots of Karmic consequences. Lots of baggage carried forward.


Kaylean Letter Association: B 


Surroundings CORE Number:  1

You have the ability to make your environment what and where you want - you're at the leaping-off point.   You have the ability to work around your obstacles. 

Kaylean Letter Association:  B

Mental Health CORE Number:  6

At the core, you are nurturing, empathetic, sincerely supportive, a healer, family maker, artistic.  Unconditional love.  A warm light, beacon of hope.  Honest. Romantic.  Selfless.

Kaylean Letter Associations: G, O, V

Destiny Number:  8

For a spread with so many negative numbers, this one definitely ends on a good note.  As a destiny number, 8 is about abundance.  It indicates that despite your struggles, you are goal-oriented, have great potential for wealth, & have good judgment.  You've been hardened by dealing with major responsibility.  You build things slowly.  A legacy.   Practical.  An achiever, measuring life by achieved goals.  Stable, balanced.  A lucky number.  Karmic.  Enduring.  Constantly manifesting.  Letter associations:  I, Q & X

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