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Fun fortune teller related foldable paper projects by Seven Stars

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Fortune Teller Booth

This delightful and easy paper-fold project is NEW by Seven Stars!   Just the thing for a cold or rainy day project or covid quarantine!


Gypsy Vardo

Admit it - you've always wanted one.  We've ALL always wanted one.  This one may by tiny, but it's still adorable.  Maybe a vardo for the faeries!  It's now available for FREE, just click the link.

gypsy wagon download paper craft foldable.jpg
gypsy wagon download paper craft foldable tarot by seven.jpg

Cootie Catcher Fortune Teller

This cootie catcher uses cards from the Deck of the Bastard!  Fun, free easy originalby Seven Stars.   CLICK LINK TO THE RIGHT: