The Questions Deck

The Questions Deck


So many times I have heard new readers ask for volunteers to do readings for.   You need practice, but you can only do so many readings on yourself!  This deck was designed to helopp you out.  Shuffle the deck, draw a card, and imagine that this is the question that you have been posed.  You never know what querents will ask!  You can add your own details to the questions, or you can rephrase them - the way you would suggest to a querent how to rephrase a question.  You can also use the cards to help an actual querent think of what they'd like to ask, as many times people who come to readers aren't sure what sorts of questions to ask.  Let them look through the deck & tell you which of the questions they'd like to pose.  When you have an actual person to connect with a question it makes the answers a lot more clear in the cards - however, NOT having a person connected with the question can help you learn to "read the cards" more than reading the person, and will help you be less nervous when reading for real people!


The deck contains 54 cards.  One is an instruction card, and the others contain 2 questions each, for a total of 106 questions.  Many of these questions I've been asked by querents, and many are questions that I WISH they'd ask some time.   


When you are presented with a question, you decide which spread you want to use with your own Tarot or Lenormand or Oracle deck.  Maybe a Celtic Cross would be the most appropriate.  Maybe a 3 card spread would do.   For some ideas for spreads check out my Private Tarot Readings page on the menu - I have several spreads listed there that you can use!


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