Sola Busca Revisited Tarot Deck

Sola Busca Revisited Tarot Deck


Thank you, Mindful Tarot for the great video review!

Sola Busca Revisited Tarot Deck was originally made in the 1400's by an unknown artist, and although beautiful in illustration, it simply did not have the same sort of imagery or cards that we typically use in tarot reading today.

I went through and edited the cards, making use of the beautiful artistry of the original deck, but remaking the imagery to fit with the Rider Waite system of reading cards.

It will not please the historians, but then the historians don't necessarily read cards either. I read cards & don't want a deck that's not going to be used. A lot.

The deck does not have any titles or keywords, however the cards are numbered.

The deck comes standard with a vintage dark brown book-cover backing, however you may choose from the CUSTOM BACKS as well. Go to the CUSTOM CARD BACKS link at the top of this Shop page to view 140 additional card back options.

78 Tarot fortune telling cards, individually aged. Tarot size(2.75 x 4.75).

Matching pouches ARE available. Also, waterproofing & journal available.


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Customer Feedback: I was born into this incarnation with strong spiritual/divine intuition. Over the last 31 yrs I have worked with 100's upon 100's of different tarot cards. This amazing Tarot Deck is a divine Masterpiece!!! I am a Professor at a holistic Academy of spiritual and holistic art's and I urge all of my students to experience the true beauty and amazing energy that is released from every single card. Not only do I recommend this Tarot Deck, I also label it the #1 best Tarot Deck I have ever had the PLEASURE of working with!!! A++++ ~Lisa Laverde The last deck we received from you, the Sola Busca, are not only visually fantastic but the quality of production is second to none. ~Malcolm Smith Beautiful! Really amazing imagery. The quality of the card stock is very nice. It has a slightly textured linen sort of feel to it. Lovely!! ~C. Bass