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OLD FORTUNA 2nd Edition Expanded COLOR

OLD FORTUNA 2nd Edition Expanded COLOR Lenormand




Click HERE for slide show of all cards and complete info about the deck.


***Available in ALL sizes!

***Linen card stock - or purchase waterproof card stock (go to Waterproof Card Stock page)

***Peacock Feather Card Back comes with the deck

***You CAN purchase custom card backs (go to Custom Card Back page)

***Four BONUS Cards you can use or set aside


This deck can be purchased any of THREE WAYS: 

(1) Without keywords - this option has the card image & number

(2) With Keywords - this option has keywords & also each card has TIMING correspondences.

(3) With REVERSED Keywords:  This was designed for people learning to read to people sitting across from them - the keywords would be facing the reader & the picture facing the sitter.  It keeps you from having to flip the card around to read it.  You should try it - no one else does this.


The images are NOT all the same as the original Old Fortuna deck - most are the same but there are some improvements, including the Ship, Whip and edits to other images such as taking the clouds out of the Tower & Mountain & making the mountain taller, things like that.  Just an in-general improvement on the original deck.


Do click HERE to see slide shows of ALL cards.



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