MOVIE DECK + POUCH - Avenge the Crows

MOVIE DECK + POUCH - Avenge the Crows


If you've ever wanted to own a deck used in the movies, now's your chance.


This is the special edition of the Deck of the Bastard with the 5 card edits that were included in the movie Avenge the Crows by Nathan Gabaeff starring Danay Garcia, Danny Trejo, Steven Baur and Lou Diamond Phillips.  


This is the complete Deck of the Bastard with 78 cards with 5 different cards included that were changes required for the movie.  The deck was shown extensively throughout.  


Comes with matching pouch with hand strap.


PLEASE NOTE:  The original movie deck was on SMOOTH card stock.  This is not the linen card stock that most of my other decks are printed on.  IF you would like the LINEN card stock, please choose that option below.