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Chicken Foot Talismans

Chicken Foot Talismans


Chicken foot talismans are a powerful conjure charm especially effective in guarding against thieves and negative energies, protecting your home, altar and loved ones.  I have carefully dehydrated and sanitized these chicken feet, and anointed them, each individually painted and dressed with feathers, scraps, charms and beads.  Hang them near a door or above your altar.  I do not recommend wearing them or keeping them in your car, as over time they can be damaged.  Do NOT keep these in places where pets can get them - cats and dogs will eat them.   I have found these to be very effective.  Chickens use their claws to protect their territory, scratching the offender. 


Each is singularly unique.


***  As with all hand-made items on this page, these must be ordered separately from other website items.  Other items on my website are designed by me, and they are drop-shipped from my printer.  These are shipped from my shop.

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