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Bone Casting Pouch and Cloth Set #6

Bone Casting Pouch and Cloth Set #6


Set #6


Detailed description of the symbolism on this cloth can be found by going to the "About the Bone Casting Cloths" page.


Pouch is 6 x 9" padded polyester with hand strap & zipper.  This pouch is large enough to hold casting cloth AND a large collection of bones & curios.


Casting Cloth is 22" x 22", made of 100% spun polyester, which is a luxurious feeling fabric of heavy weight, lays perfectly flat, with state of the art dye cast printing.


Complete instructions are right here on this website.  Click the BONE CASTING INSTRUCTIONS tab at the top of this page, or, if you prefer, I have a digital download of the instructions that you can either purchase alone or get for FREE with the purchase of a Pouch & Cloth.


It generally takes 2 weeks to get to most places, however, a few countries are notoriously slow, such as Canada & Australia, and especially Brazil. I do offer free worldwide shipping, however some countries require that I ship registered mail, and in most countries that's the safer option anyway, & there is a fee for that service.   You can request a tracking number if you like after a few days.

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