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Door in the Woods

Directed by Billy Chase Goforth, starring CJ Jones,  Jennifer Pierce Mathus,  David Rees Snell, CJ Jones

This is a CLASSIC scary movie.  Get your popcorn & add it to your list to watch at night!  You'll recognize the Deck of the Bastard  at the beginning of the flim.

Door in the Woods Movie Tarot by Seven.j
Door in the Woods featuring the Deck of the Bastard Tarot by Tarot by Seven, LLC

A special edition of the Deck of the Bastard can be seen in the  movie Avenge the Crows

Trigger warning - this is a brutal film about gang violence, rape & drugs...not your typical Tarot movie, but the Deck of the Bastard is featured prominently throughout the entire film.

Avenge the Crows movie featuring the Deck of the Bastard by Tarot by Seven, LLC

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