This is a deck of 99 Tarot size cards illustrated with images that were carefully chosen to evoke emotional responses from the reader. Comes with  instructions. 


These cards are an exciting new way to assist in the exploration and enhancement of your own psychic abilities.


After studying the cards, the reader either alone or with another person tries to guess each card - either the image or the emotional response content of the image, or to guess which card the assistant is holding.If you keep track of which images you get correct most often, you can build upon that, learning which ones are more difficult to connect with, or which ones you have a tendency for guessing correctly, either by connecting with the images themselves, or with the emotional stimulation the cards evoke.Warning: because these cards are meant to evoke emotional responses, some of the images are graphic and disturbing, such as images of surgeries.


These are meant to evoke responses of repulsion, anger, shame, etc, for the reader to pick up on in the cards or in the assistant. Other images include emotions such as pity, pride, happiness, love, fear, apprehension, etc.As stated on the instructions, enhancement of your natural empathic and psychic abilities should help you to become more in tune with people around you in your daily life.


Comes with purple swirl card back shown, however you MAY have a custom card back with these cards, and you may also request substitutions for images you'd like to have in the deck. With 99 cards to choose from, you can always remove cards that you do not connect with at all.