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Postcards From My Lover Lenoracle

Postcards From My Lover Lenoracle

Postcards From My Lover Lenoracle cards - 54 cards total.  36 traditional images plus extras, featuring vintage postcards with individual vintage postcard backs.  Mini decks available with the purchase of a poker size deck (Combo) - the minis are stamp images ONLY.Please choose whether you want the poker size WITH stamps (which indicate the number of the cards, 1 cent for card #1, etc) or WITHOUT stamps (image only - like they would look usually if you received a postcard.This expanded Lenormand (Lenoracle) deck was designed specifically for relationship readings.  The deck can be used as a regular Lenormand, or with extra cards (which come with definitions) to enhance your readings. You have the choice of having the deck numbered (with postage stamps) or completely blank (the way they would look if they were post cards). The backs are each unique individual actual postcards.There are SO MANY extras included with this deck.  There is an extra scythe, dog, moon, child & there are 4 pairs of man/woman - pick the pair most appropriate for your reading - this will make readings easier for LGBT couples as well, as you can insert two women/men, etc. I hope you enjoy reading these Postcards From My Lover!

    I love the size, weight, and texture of the cards; they shuffle and lay out very nicely for me. The artwork is beautiful right down to all the unique backs of every card. The optional extra cards are well explained and fit well with the theme of this deck. Now that I've seen them I have a feeling I will use them more than I originally anticipated. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. The mini deck is adorable and works very well, I just love it! ~GinPin

    Gorgeous, much more beautiful than pix indicate. The texture of all sevenstars cards are amazing. ~emvonba Thanks again for the Postcard Deck it's so beautiful and quirky! I love all the images and they resonate with me deeply... they remind me of going to my grannies house as a little girl, she had many pictures and postcards with this style and I would spend hours looking at them, so for me when I look at this deck I feel close to my gran and feel like that little girl again. sorry for waffling on but no deck has ever stirred up quite such emotion in me before. ~Susan A.

  • Card Stock

    310 gsm casino quality card stock with Premium linen finish.

    The linen card stock has an eggshell finish (not glossy) and a very slight texture (you can see if you hold up to the light).  This texture allows for the slightest bit of air to pass between the cards, allowing for a smoother shuffle.  The 310 gsm card stock is a paper card stock, and it is less prone to get "the bends" (the bane of tarot collectors - where there becomes a slight warp for seemingly no reason). 

    IF you prefer a different card stock than the linen or waterproof card stocks, please write to me in advance of placing your order.

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