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John Waterhouse Oracle Deck

John Waterhouse Oracle Deck



NOT a tarot deck.


See a video deck review of this deck by Old Soul Mermaid HERE!


These beautiful, mysterious and thought-provoking images of Pre-Raphaelite artist John Waterhouse paintings have been painstakingly put together into one deck.

Unlike most smaller Oracle decks which usually come with 35 - 40 cards, this deck is comprised of 75 Waterhouse paintings for a total of 77 Tarot size cards (2.75" x 4.75") on premium linen card stock (casino quality 310 gsm smooth eggshell/matte finish, waterproof card stock available), giving you much more freedom to use whichever images you relate to the most & disregard those that you don't.

There is so much more freedom with Oracle decks than any other form of cartomancy. Without numbers or suits or definitions, you are free to meditate on the images & use your own intuition to decide for yourself the meaning of each card with regard to the specific question or situation at hand.

Eight card backs have been designed specifically for this deck from Waterhouse paintings - you may choose from any you see in this ad AT NO EXTRA CHARGE. Look closely & you will see imagery from the paintings mixed into the designs! If you would rather have a custom card back, you can have that for a small additional charge, just purchase the "custom card back" ad on the shop page & let me know what you'd like.

75 fortune telling cards,(1 face card and one picture of John Waterhouse for a total of 77 cards) individually aged. Tarot size(2.75 x 4.75).

Matching pouches ARE available as is waterproof card stock (sold separately)


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Meredith has been doing special readings and posts for each new & full moon using this deck, specifically one I customized for her with 44 images which she purposely and intuitively chose for their water/other elemental themes.. She is pretty amazing!  I thought you'd appreciate seeing how the deck is being used and shared! Here are links to the most recent one, and two very interesting back-to-back results. The one featuring "Ulysses and the Sirens" includes a note at the end where I explain my process for these readings. I may make a separate page and move that note to it and expound a bit, then include a link to that at the end of each oracle reading post.


    Beautifully done!! Each card is, literally, a work of art. I am so busy just breathing in the images on each card. ~Hecate GOT IT! Wowza it's HUGE! But I love it. Those colours are really stunning! ~Nina These cards are made from a great quality card stock and use the rich colors and images of Waterhouse art. I intend to add my own keywords discretely at the corners. Very nice. ~Camilla

  • Card Stock

    310 gsm casino quality card stock with Premium linen finish.

    The linen card stock has an eggshell finish (not glossy) and a very slight texture (you can see if you hold up to the light).  This texture allows for the slightest bit of air to pass between the cards, allowing for a smoother shuffle.  The 310 gsm card stock is a paper card stock, and it is less prone to get "the bends" (the bane of tarot collectors - where there becomes a slight warp for seemingly no reason). 

    IF you prefer a different card stock than the linen or waterproof card stocks, please write to me in advance of placing your order.

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