Dark Crystal Oracle Deck

Dark Crystal Oracle Deck


Special collection of 53 crystals - for those who are tired of the light & fluffy new-agey "all positive" decks.  This deck incorporates an old-style, antique look & darker appearance. This is not entirely heavy & dismal, but it does include more of the emotional spectum, often flipping the positive meanings associated with the crystals into "needs" and issues the specific crystals usually are said to help with, such as stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, grief, feeling unloved, domestic abuse, feeling drained, etc.  Sometimes, we're drawn to stones we need - so this deck is geared more toward showing you what you might need to see to help you with the questions you might be posing to the cards.  There are no instructions - as an oracle, this deck is strictly yours to use intuitively.  Ask your question, and lay as many cards as you see fit to get the answers you seek.  If you are a lover of crystals, this deck will probably make sense to you.  


54 Crystal cards in a clear plastic case, Bridge size  ( 2.25" x 3.5")


I do also have matching pouches and journals - to be uploaded here soon.