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Custom Card Back

Custom Card Back


You MUST purchase a deck to put the custom card backs on.  You can add a custom card back to ANY DECK that I sell.  


Just enter the number of the card back that you would like from my selection, or, if you have graphics of your own that you'd like to use, message me that information and send them to me in an email ( ) - I'll let you know if your graphics are something that I can work with!


If you want your name or any writing done on your card back, let me know in the message portion here.  I'll do the edits and send them to you via email for you to approve before they're printed.


This purchase can also be used to substitute or add a face card to the deck.  For example, you might have a birthday message you'd like to add to the deck (see photos for examples).  Basically what you are purchasing is 1 card graphic of your choice - and that can be either a card back or a face card.  If it's a face card, it appears once in the deck, if it's the card back, it appears on the back of every card.


If you have any questions please feel free to message me!  I have a contact form here on the website or you can write to



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