All Paths Native American Major Arcana


NEW!  All Paths Native American Major Arcana


24 cards includes Major Arcana + 2 Bonus Cards in white tuck box and 8 sided fan-fold insert of card/symbol definitions & choice of 6 card backs.  Available in Large (3.5 x 5.75) or Tarot size (2.75 x 4.75) for the same price.


Utilizing authentic symbolism and drawing from the folklore of many indiginous tribes and clans all across the Northern US, these cards have been painstakingly and thoughtfully crafted together to form the traditional Major Arcana with a new perspective & enlightened world view.


Custom options available upon request as is waterproof card stock & express shipping.


Many thanks to Barbara Clark, native Oklahoma Cherokee, the Dreamkeeper & Owner of All Spiritualist Paths Native American shop in Sapulpa, Oklahoma for her time, wisdom, guidance, support & many books which helped make this deck possible!

Card Back
Option 2

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