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Solar Eclipse in relation to Tarot

This is a very "U.S.A." based commentary, which is relevant since the eclipse was viewed all across the US & there was so much hype regarding it here. Someone recently commented on the eclipse in relation to the Tarot, stating that the Sun represents the king & the moon representing the people, and he said ancient myths have shown that in times of solar eclipses, the king was dethroned (in other words, Trump, & Trump getting removed from office).....I have not been able to find those stories. This is a really fascinating interpretation & I really like it, but I've never heard of the Sun being representative of the king, nor the Moon being representative of the people....however, with the Moon being interpreted as a confusing time, things unclear & vague, I could see it as an indication of uncertain times when eclipsing the sun, representing prosperity & vitality. If one wanted to put a different twist on it, they could also see the Sun as the perfect balance between the conscious & subconscious, and the moon as being the new consciousness rising or a deep connection with the psyche....perhaps America is coming into an awakening at the most profound level. It's also good to note that actually what I've read about LUNAR eclipses was that in some ancient myths they denoted the deposition of a king....& we had a lunar eclipse during Obama's administration with no deposition. And, Batammaliba myths suggest that eclipses are a time of coming together and resolving old feuds and anger (sun and moon are fighting & people encourage them to stop fighting).

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