I originally made this prediction in mid July, however, I didn't start doing this blog til August 9, 2017.


I am doing this prediction with Lenormand cards AND tarot. This first part is for Lenormand. Drawn are:


The Garden represents the gathering place, social occasions where people get together. In this case it makes the most sense that this is the card that represents all these kingdoms coming together in battle. The big war they're all leading up to.

In a way it's also the calm before the storm - everyone is at their strongest. It's playing card correspondent is the 8 of Spades....a rather nasty card having to do with deception, danger & pain. All relevant to the GOT situation and all the dynamics that have led up to this point - they had a lot of deception, danger and pain in the past that are causing conflicts & are the reasons why they're not just all banning together easily to defeat the White Walkers together.

The Garden / Bear combination is said to be a "lottery". Who is going to win the big pot? Garden / Scythe - a group decision & bad company.

The BEAR: In my deck, the Bear is pictured as a mother bear, and her baby bear has just been shot by a hunter. She is headed toward the hunter.

The Bear is big on being a mother figure. Revenge is big with this card, as is power, and being protective.

In GOT, The House of Mormont's family crest is the Bear. This is interesting to me since Circe has kids (or did have - she is very much like the Bear), and Daenery - mother of dragons - also very bear like...but the Mormonts.....there's no "Bear" other than their family crest - there's the child Lyanna, and there's Jorah, the guy who's in love with Daenery & has that "stone" disease.

Lyanna has been reported to be one of GOT fan's "favorite characters", so it doesn't surprise me she'll be one on top, at least for a while.

So I'm predicting Jorah will hook up with Daenery, who will finally find alliance with Jon probably after a shit ton of conflict, partially due to Lyanna's allegiance to Jon Snow. Or greatly due, who knows. It's going to be a battle of the women, that's for sure.

I think this card is announcing who are the strong ones: House of Mormont, Circe & Daenery.

10 of Clubs associated with this card represents beneficial gains. But the bear combined with the scythe represents an end to those gains, and a final decision.....

The Scythe - pain. fast cuts. endings. Something quick, analytical, permanent, and emotionless. The Jack of Diamonds it's associated with is a messenger, with news....something fast....

I think although it may at first appear that one of the 3 women are going to come out on top, in the end, this is a tragedy, and they ALL DIE.


I also did a TAROT 3 card reading confirming this. It went as follows:

3 cards: Magician / 8 of Wands Reversed / Death

Magician would be everyone coming to the table with their own special skillset and using them to the best of their ability and to their own advantage.

8 of Wands Reversed - normally this is a card of speed - reversed - this is going to be a longggggggggggggg season and there are going to be many obstacles in everyone's path. Interesting that the Lenormand shows fast & Tarot shows slow, but this is long in the middle & the other is swift at the end.

Death. Yup. Death to everybody. They're all gonna die. They all think they've got what it takes but they all die.




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