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My Story

Seven Stars Tarot readings

I started reading cards in 1987, and for years I was a street reader in Omaha (now I read all over the place).    In 2012, after searching for years for my "dream deck", I gave up & decided to try to make one myself.  


I had a lot of things I wanted in a deck.  I wanted a useable, vintage deck that looked weathered, like it had been handed down for generations.  I wanted an interesting old looking card back, illustrated pips, I wanted everything in English, and I didn't want it to look like it was all dropped into a template.  And so, after a lot of work, I came up with the Deck of the Bastard (named tongue-in-cheek, not thinking anyone else would ever see it but me) - a compilation of several old decks that I put together in such a way as to make one contiguous looking set.  

I was pleased with the Deck of the Bastard, & thought perhaps other readers might be interested in it as well, & so I put them up for sale on various sites, and took some to local shops.


Soon, I started getting requests - some people wanted keywords on their decks, some people wanted Lenormand, custom backs, matching pouches, different decks, etc. 


I love doing this sort of thing so I just kept rolling with it & making more things.  


I'm always working on a new deck, so I hope you will check back & sign up for my mailing list if you're not already on it - I send out special sales coupon codes & announce new items when I finish them.


I deeply appreciate all the support I have gotten from readers all over the world - it's most encouraging. 


                     Thank you.


                                 ~Seven Stars

                                 Tarot by Seven