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My Story

Seven Stars Tarot readings

I started reading cards in 1987, and for years I was a street reader in Omaha (now I read all over the place).    In 2011, after searching for years for my "dream deck", I gave up & decided to try to make one myself.  


I had a lot of things I wanted in a deck.  I wanted a useable, vintage deck that looked weathered, like it had been handed down for generations.  I wanted an interesting old looking card back, illustrated pips, I wanted everything in English, and I didn't want it to look like it was all dropped into a template.  And so, after a lot of work, I came up with the Deck of the Bastard (named tongue-in-cheek, not thinking anyone else would ever see it but me) - a compilation of several old decks that I put together in such a way as to make one contiguous looking set.  

I was pleased with the Deck of the Bastard, & thought perhaps other readers might be interested in it as well, & so I put them up for sale on various sites, and took some to local shops.


Soon, I started getting requests - some people wanted keywords on their decks, some people wanted Lenormand, custom backs, matching pouches, different decks, etc. 


I love doing this sort of thing so I just kept rolling with it & making more things.  


I'm always working on a new deck, so I hope you will check back & sign up for my mailing list if you're not already on it - I send out special sales coupon codes & announce new items when I finish them.


I deeply appreciate all the support I have gotten from readers all over the world - it's most encouraging. 


                     Thank you.


                                 ~Seven Stars

                                 Tarot by Seven


Trust is extremely important to me.  The Tarot community may be worldwide, but it is also often close knit.  Please ask around about Tarot by Seven in your online communities - whether it's in Facebook, Twitter or other forums.  After being in business for over ten years, quite a few people have at least heard of me.  Read my feedback on this website.   And please do feel free to write to me!  I answer everyone.  

Regarding shipping and how long it takes to get your order:  Everything that I make is custom made to order - your deck or casting cloth is specifically made for you.  Nothing is mass produced.  Because of this, it takes just a little longer for items to get to you.  Typically in the US it takes up to 2 weeks from the time the order is sent to the printer til it gets to your door.  Overseas, it can take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, and I will tell you how long it will take.  If you need a tracking number, just let me know.  I can get them to you faster with Express Shipping (usually gets to you in half the time), and for overseas customers there is Registered mail, which I highly recommend right now especially with covid - it's faster, safer, and usually enables me to get a tracking number.  

I prefer PayPal for payment, because I have found them to be the absolute safest for both my customers and for me as a seller.  I know some people have had problems with PayPal, but so far I've had no issues with their service.

Again, my goal is for people to be able to purchase from me with confidence, and for them to be over-the-top happy with their items once they get them.  That is the biggest thrill for me.  I want you coming back for more!  



Tarot by Seven