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Bone Set Hand Painted

Bone Set Hand Painted


This is a set of 10 hand-drawn and painted chicken bones.  Each set has been expertly cleaned and sanitized.  Sets to be used in bone casting divinations.


The set includes: (suggested interpretations)


Man & Woman:  Client and their significant other or love interest.

Devil:                      Trickster, deceiver, evil, liar, manipulative, interferer

Arrow = broken & unbroken points to a direction things or going, or a direction things will be broken.

Heart: Love, or broken heart

Ring:   Promise, commitment, marriage.

Vine:   Growth, renewal, progress

Sword:  Fights, battle, cutting someone off, conflict

House:  Home, family, security, nostalgia, hearth

Red vertebre:  Need, poverty, hunger, desperate



There is only one set of these, and it is on a first-come basis.  This webpage is only open to customers who have asked to be added to my bones waiting list.  If there are no takers after July 9, I will send out invitations to members of my regular email list, and unlock this page to the public.


***  As with all hand-made items on this page, these must be ordered separately from other website items.  Other items on my website are designed by me, and they are drop-shipped from my printer.  These are shipped from my shop.


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