Charlie Charlie Mat / Yes/No Pendulum Mat

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WATCH THE VIDEO of the Wonderous Charlie Charlie Mat in person! Prepare to be shocked and Amazed as Madame Cafeltafish summons the spirit of Charlie by using this mat and her special Gnome Grass (available on Etsy from Oval Oceans shop:

This is the video:

It's worth it just to watch the video because it's pretty hilarious.

So, there's this viral video stuff about the "Charlie Charlie" game - people put pencils cris-crossed & they move to either "yes" or "no" when you ask "Charlie" to play. For some reason Charlie is supposed to be a mexican ghost who likes to talk to people who ask. In the video is Natalie of the Natalie Rose deck - she did this just for fun for me to promote the fancy schmancy Charlie Charlie mat I came up with to replace the pieces of paper everyone else in the videos were using. Take a look it's just fun.


This mat can also be used for pendulum yes/no readings!

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