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Bone Casting Instructions Booklet

Bone Casting Instructions Booklet


All the information in this booklet I have listed here on the website, however, a lot of people were requesting something "physical" that they can hold in their hands, so I put together this booklet.


I have all the graphics in zipped files -  if you can't open it or something let me know & I'll just email you the individual images.  


These files are saved 2 to a page in the order that if you print them out, you can fold & staple them & the pages will line up in numerical order to form a 8.5 x 5.5 booklet as shown in the photo (which is a total of 10 letter size pages printed front & back).


The booklet is filled with all of my methods for reading bones, curios, nuts, shells & crystals.  It has sections on how to mark the bones, how to read combinations, how to read with my reading cloths that I sell, etc.  Fully illustrated.


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