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2021 Large TREAT Deck

2021 Large TREAT Deck

$69.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price

This is NOT a Tarot deck - these are vintage Halloween postcard images - 72 LARGE cards - 3.5" x 5.75" with postcard backs.  Some of the backs are blank post cards, some are vintage handwritten postcards.  All unique!  There is no matching border on this set - Just 72 fun images to glitz up your altar or even frame.  



  • Card Stock

    310 gsm casino quality card stock with Premium linen finish.

    The linen card stock has an eggshell finish (not glossy) and a very slight texture (you can see if you hold up to the light).  This texture allows for the slightest bit of air to pass between the cards, allowing for a smoother shuffle.  The 310 gsm card stock is a paper card stock, and it is less prone to get "the bends" (the bane of tarot collectors - where there becomes a slight warp for seemingly no reason). 

    IF you prefer a different card stock than the linen or waterproof card stocks, please write to me in advance of placing your order.

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