Whether you use your stones / crystals for healing, meditation, manifestation or simply enjoy making beautiful designs, these Crystal Grid Mats are wonderful props for providing a colorful geometric background for your collections.  The large mats feature state of the art dye-print technology &  measure 17" x 27", & are made of durable, washable polyester felt-type top with a non-slip rubber backing, making them perfect for placing crystals in such a way that they don't slide around while you're designing your patterns.  Even the simplest stone patterns look amazing on these mats.

Other items in each collection include a MATCHING POUCH with handstrap.  These pouches measure 4" x 7", and are made of polyester cloth cover with padded high density foam inner black liner & zippered top. 


These pouches are great to carry along specific stones for your grid mat. 

These mats come in two sizes.  Large = 17" x 27".  This size is best for larger stones or more intricate designs.  The Small size mat measures 7.75" x 9.25", made of the same materials.  The smaller mats are great for use in smaller areas, or if you like to use smaller stones for your gridwork.   BOTH mats come with INSTRUCTIONS - and the card with the instructions can also be easily used as a MINI GRID for your very tiniest stones!   ( I LOVE TINY STONES!!!)

I do have other mats in my shop page, listed with LARGE MATS FOR TAROT AND ALTAR.  This one shown here is #4, and has been a favorite of mine for gridworking stones for years.  Several other mats in that section are also wonderful backgrounds for stones, so I do hope you'll check them out!




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